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We spent an amazing day playing golf at the London Golf Club before travelling by Eurostar to Paris to play the 2018 Ryder Cup course at Le Golf National. Big thanks to Tom Tom!


Thanks to Jameson for the invite! It was so good! Follow Jameson online at: FacebookTwitter & Instagram


Holes 1-3 of your #Dream18


Can Ryan from #TheClub get down to scratch in 18 months? Time to see just how hard the journey is gonna be. Hint... Very!


#TheClub podcast star, Burton, doesn't even like golf but we wanted to see if we could get him into it anyway.


Ryan from #TheClub needs to be at a meal with his girlfriend... but can he sneak in a #Cheeky9? Yeh he can. Obvs. Thanks to Chris Wood's home club, Long Ashton Golf Club.


Part of the BEEEEEEEEEEEEF Mini-Series.